Pampering is not Self-Care

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a practice and a commitment we make to ourselves to support our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It includes putting boundaries and limits on our behaviours (like a parent would). Self-care should not be confused with pampering. Pampering are quick fixes we give ourselves to feel better in the moment. Self-care is about making decisions based on what is good for us, not what we FEEL like doing at the moment.

Some examples of self-care:

  • Eating right
  • Getting plenty of quality sleep
  • Exercising
  • Meditation
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • Making time to enjoy a hobby
  • Learning something new
  • Identifying and acknowledging your feelings
  • Limiting your social media and news updates
  • Saying no – knowing your limits



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