*Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be overwhelming and debilitating. It can can keep you stuck in a cycle of negativity and hold you back from pursuing your goals, maintaining healthy relationships and negatively impacting the quality of your life. Self-doubt can also make it hard to complete daily tasks, make decisions, and manage setbacks.

It is possible to overcome self-doubt, tone down your inner critic, and reframe/interrupt your negative thoughts. Here’s how:

1. Take Charge Immediately

When inner doubts start to creep up, many people let them spin out of control. Once this happens, it’s incredibly difficult to regain control. It’s important that you take charge immediately and stop/reframe the negative talk as soon as it begins. In your mind, speak to yourself and say something like, “No. we’re not gonna do this.” Should the negative talk attempt to start up again, repeat what you told yourself earlier and put it in its place. Doing this interrupts your thought patterns and allows you to challenge your negative thoughts and reframe it with thoughts that are balanced and realistic.

2. Remember, You Can Always Make Adjustments

Self-doubt can magnify fear of failure, causing people to worry excessively about oversights and making mistakes to the extent that they try to plan every single detail and account for every imaginable worst case scenario which is exhausting, impractical and self-defeating. Just take the first step, then another, and then another… and remember, you can always change your mind and adjust along the way. Remind yourself of past successes because they are the best indicator of future success.

3. It Helps to Talk

Self-doubt can easily become distorted and exaggerated when you keep all of your thoughts to yourself. But, when you speak to someone and let those thoughts out into the light, you have the chance to hear how your thoughts could have been exaggerated by negative self-talk and in the process may gain a fresh perspective.

If you or a loved one is afflicted with self-doubt and is interested in exploring treatment, please contact me. I would be happy to speak with you about how I may be able to help.

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