Additional Feedback form

Additional Feedback form

Upon completion of your counselling session, we would appreciate if you could spare few minutes of your time to complete our Feedback Form:

  • to hear your comments or feedbacks on your completed sessions
  • to understand further if we need to revisit/review the session with you.
  • to improve the session materials
  • to understand if we have met the objectives of your completed sessions

As your feedbacks are valuable and important us, we ensure all feedbacks sent by you to us goes via our encrypted emails portal
and we shall not disclose any sender information to safeguard sender’s identity and only focus solely on the content.

To complete the Client Experience Survey, please use the 2 options indicated below. Do note that all completed survey will be delivered to us via ZenCounselling encrypted emails portal.

Thanking you in advance for taking the time to complete the said client experience survey.


Option 1:
Click the link below for your experience survey.

Client Experience Survey – Tell us how we are doing! (

Option 2:
Complete the experience survey form indicated below.

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