Please note that given the location and distance flexibility of online counselling, it is not suitable for situations where your immediate personal safety is at risk, self-harm/suicide or issues relating to violent relationships, sexual violence, or abuse against children.

If you are in or know of such situations, please get immediate help. 

The following is listed to provide you with additional information and is not meant to be a comprehensive list.

If you need help from the Police, Fire Services Department or an ambulance,

dial 999

For the speech or hearing impaired, you could call for assistance

via SMS to 992

24-hour Hotlines

The Samaritans
852 2896 0000
24-hour multi-lingual suicide prevention Hotline

Suicide Prevention Services
852 2382 0000
24-hour suicide prevention - Cantonese

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong
852 2389 2222
24-hour phone counselling - Cantonese

Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre
24-hour phone counselling - Cantonese

If you are not located in Hong Kong, in addition to the above link, please use the hotlines and emergency services available in your respective locations.