Grief Recovery Method

“Grief only exists where love lived first” – Franchesca Cox


Grief Counselling:

Most of us will experience loss at some point in life.

Bereavement is the type of grief involving the death of loved ones. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to any form of loss. Some examples are loss of job, identity, purpose, control, home, relationship, and pet.

In current times, the death, loss, and suffering due to COVID-19 is unprecedented.
For those who have lost their loved ones, they were not able to travel home to say goodbye or there were no ceremonies for them to pay their last respect.

Not being able to grieve or unresolved grief can cause emotional disconnection, detachment, negativity, and depression.
If not addressed, it can be debilitating. However, grief is also a social phenomenon and culture plays a critical role in how individuals deal with death and bereavement.

At Zen Counselling, we help clients to complete their grief using the Grief Recovery Method, an evidence-based approach by the Grief Recovery Institute.

The Grief Recovery Method can be delivered online and offers individual (1:1) support and group programmes.

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